Writing Workshops

As a teaching artist in the Austin community, I offer workshops and series in various creative writing and cultural arts genres for youth and adults.

If you would like to book me to lead one of the following workshops, please go to the contact page and fill out your information. I will generally get back to you within the week. I am also happy to create a workshop curated for your organization’s needs.

I am also the founder of Lenguas Locxs, a writers collective in Austin, TX for women, femme and non binary writers. We meet monthly for workshops and events at Resistencia Bookstore.

Current scheduled community writers workshops:

Reconnecting to the Body workshop-a 6-week online workshop hosted by Austin Bat Cave on Mondays from March 30th-May 4th, 2020 from 7-9pm

I am the program coordinator of Barrio Writers in Austin, TX. See the Barrio Writers website and Facebook page for more information about our summer workshop intensives and other ongoing programming. The summer 2019 workshop registrations are open now:

Workshops for Youth

Intro to Zine-making Workshop

This workshop will introduce creators to what zines are, an overview of zine history in the US, examples of my favorite zines as well as local Texas zine culture and will provide space for participants to make their own mini-zines, either individually or collaboratively.

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Workshops for Adults

Honoring Our Origin Stories

2018-04-21 11.18.10

In this writer’s workshop, participants will read short pieces about the importance of honoring our ancestors and their influence on our current lives. They will respond to a prompt related to the readings as they address their ancestors and their hopes for their futures and will have the option to share their work at the end of the workshop.

Crafting persona: Creating Strong Voices for Historic Pieces 

When crafting stories and narrative poems, creating compelling characters and voices is vital to bringing the reader into the story’s world. Writing in the voice of a historical character can add an even bigger challenge to creating your character’s persona in ways that are authentic and emotionally true to the story you are endeavoring to tell. In this workshop, we would discuss: The challenges associated with writing personas with the added weight of historical realities or biographies, how to write historical characters that are authentic and interesting, juggling historical settings, facts and dialogue with your original storytelling, and much more. We would also read poems and novel excerpts as mentor to show the range of possibilities when creating engaging personas.