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“La Mujer Alacran” at The Offing

“Offering to the sky”–2017 Flash Prose Contest Finalist for Lumina Journal

“The Monster”–BorderSenses Journal, March 2017

“Querencia”–Cleaver Magazine


“La Rosa”–I Scream Social Anthology (from Host Publications)

“Landscape of the Battered Tongue” and “How Best May We Honor You”–Chicon Street Poets Anthology

“Altar” and “The Wayward Sisters”–NILVX Special Issue: Ancestors

“No somos para consumir”–Chicon Street Poets online journal

“Soldadera Marches On” and “The Healer Santa Teresa Urrea”–Bearing the Mask: Southwestern Persona Poems from Dos Gatos Press

Essays and Articles

“No Aguanto: Giving Voice to Our Pain”--Midnight Breakfast’s Issue 15

“Zines on the Central Library Shelves”–Austin Chronicle

“TK Tunchez: Space Creatriss”–Austin Chronicle

Book Reviews and Interviews:

“What’s the difference between a poet and a storyteller?”: An Interview with P.E. Garcia–Ploughshares Blog

Interview with Natalia Sylvester on her novel Everyone Knows You Go HomeAdroit Journal

Review of Enigmas: Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz and interview with translator, Stalina Villareal–Front Porch Journal Issue 33

Frequent Contributor- Cleaver Magazine

“Review of Love, Hate and Other Filters,” published July, 2018.

“Review of Labyrinth Lost, a YA novel,” published March 2017

“Review of A Tyranny of Petticoats, a YA anthology,” published June 2016

“Review of Seeing off the Johns, a YA novel,” published March 2016

“Review of Out of Darkness, a YA novel,” published January 2016

“Review of Ink and Ashes, a YA novel,” published October 2015