Freelance Work

As a freelance writer, I have written book reviews and conducted interviews with poets and writers and written culturally relevant features for a variety of local and national publications.

Topics I have written about:

  • Essays about pop culture and cultural critiques with focuses on feminism, queerness, trauma and healing, Latinx representation, horror genres
  • Profiles of artists and community organizers
  • Intersections of Latinx identities and art
  • Living with and navigating chronic pain
  • Book reviews and interviews with poets, writers and artists

I am particularly interested in writing cultural pieces on chronic illness, community building and pieces that discuss film/TV shows and their cultural impacts. I am also available to write a longer column or ongoing work. Contact me today, I would love to write for you!

Here are some of my featured pieces:

Culture essays:

“Ratched” Is a Queer Show That Explores Power and Violence”-November 2020, Bitch Media

In Steven Universe Future, Healing From Abuse Is an Ongoing Process“-June 2020,

“The Solidarity of the Weird: Los Espookys Explores Community Over Capitalism”-May 2020,

Features and Profiles:

“Bookmobiles to the Rescue”-September 2022, Scalawag

In Her Poetry, Mónica Teresa Ortiz Immortalizes the Act of Remembering”-June 2020, Texas Monthly

Healing Comes in Many Forms” for Zora at Medium

10 latina poets whose collections should be on your to-read list“-Fierce by Mitu

“Zines on the Central Library Shelves”–Austin Chronicle

“TK Tunchez: Space Creatriss”–Austin Chronicle

Book Reviews and Interviews:

“Reclaiming What Has Been Taken: A Review of Rachel Harrison’s Such Sharp Teeth“--published in Ancillary Review of Books, February 2023.

“In Love With Being Human: ire’ne lara silva’s HIBISCUS TACOS Depicts the Beauty in the Pain of the Human Experience”-published in the Infrarrealista Review, Feb. 2022

Frequent Contributor-Electric Lit

“9 Books About Monstrous Transformations”-August 2022

“How Do You Live With a Chronic Illness For the Rest of Your Life? A Conversation with Tessa Miller”-Feb. 2022

“The Body Horror of Being A Woman. A Conversation with Carribean Fragoza”-Oct.2021

“What Do We Owe Our Community in Times of Crisis? A Conversation with Julia Alvarez”-Nov. 2020

“A Memoir About Growing Up Undocumented in America: A Conversation with Marcelo Hernandez Castillo”-Oct. 2020

“Why is Dying in America So Expensive?: A Conversation with Megan Giddings”-March 2020

“10 Collections by Latinx Poets You Might Have Missed in 2019”-Jan. 2020

“Giving Women Permission to Own Their Anger: An Interview with Burn It Down Editor Lilly Dancyger”-Oct. 2019

“Navigating Chicana Identity Through Poetry: Sara Borjas, author of “Heart Like a Window, Mouth Like a Cliff,” on finding inspiration at home and building a Latinx community”-July, 2019


“Behind the Cameras of Grecian Myth: Lifestyles of Gods and Monsters by Emily Roberson”-Nov. 2019

“The Origin Story We’ve Been Waiting For: The Rise of Kyoshi-Sept. 2019

“When Stories Shape Our Histories: A Review of Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia”-July, 2019

Frequent Contributor-Adroit Journal

“Healing Song: A Conversation with Ire’ne Lara Silva-July, 2019

“Beneath the Surface of Empathy: A Review of Not That Bad, edited by Roxane Gay-Dec. 2018

Interview with Natalia Sylvester on her novel Everyone Knows You Go HomeJuly, 2018

Frequent Contributor- Cleaver Magazine

“Review of Love, Hate and Other Filters,” published July, 2018.

“Review of Labyrinth Lost, a YA novel,” published March 2017

“Review of A Tyranny of Petticoats, a YA anthology,” published June 2016

“Review of Seeing off the Johns, a YA novel,” published March 2016

“Review of Out of Darkness, a YA novel,” published January 2016

“Review of Ink and Ashes, a YA novel,” published October 2015

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