Las Criaturas

The book cover of Las Criaturas by Leticia Urieta has a reddish-brown background and depicts a scorpion woman in transformation with the tale and legs of a scorpion and a torso and face with full red lips and a mountain of black curly hair descending around her. Her body is painted in yellow, reddish-brown, lavender and white and her arms are outstretched, her hands disappearing into yellow portals and sparkles on either side of her. Behind her, a full yellow moon lined in lavender is her backdrop. The title, Las Criaturas, is written in bold yellow letters at the top of the cover.

Las Criaturas is a hybrid collection that blends poetic and speculative narrative forms to tell stories of untold women.

Purchase a copy from Flowersong Press or order it from your local independent bookstore!

Praise for Las Criaturas

“There is an awareness that, nestled within our dormant DNA, we have our own monster within, just waiting for the chance to be free. Leticia Urieta’s Las Criaturas is the culmination of all those stories. We are lucky to have this book.” -jo reyes boitel, author of mouth and Michael+Josephine

Las Criaturas is a visceral incantation of memory and ancestral knowledge that blends horror and awe, myth and fairytale. In this stunning collection, Leticia Urieta explores the monstrous and the divine to re-embody the power of womanhood into its ever-present, hybrid forms.” -Natalia Sylvester, author of Chasing the Sun and Everybody Knows You Go Home

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