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I wanted to share a personal essay that I wrote this week, published on my Medium page, entitled, How Fandom Saved Me. This is an essay that started as a blog post that I have been mulling over for a while, so I hope that it is engaging to read (trigger warning: grief and pregnancy loss).

In addition, my book, Las Criaturas, is available for pre-order from Flowersong Press!

Las Criaturas is a hybrid collection that blends poetic and speculative narrative forms to tell stories of untold women. The poems and short stories play with traditional storytelling forms and tales to ruminate on the monstrous, unruly, vulnerable, strength and beauty in the feminine and seek to reclaim people’s power in powerless situations. The book is broken into three sections to show the multifaceted nature of the word “criatura.” In the story, “The Monster” a child in a migrant detention center is haunted by a monster made of her own fear. In “La Mujer Alacran,” a woman who is sexually assaulted transforms into a literal “scorpion woman” in order to protect herself.  In “The Inbetween Mother,” a daughter attempts to reunite her selkie mother with her true form. I am excited for people to read it!

I will be announcing scheduled community workshops and readings for my book soon!

Published by leticiasu

Leticia Urieta is Tejana writer from Austin, TX. Leticia is a graduate of Agnes Scott College with a BA in English/Creative Writing and holds an MFA in Fiction writing from Texas State University. She works a teaching artist in the Austin community with a focus on the pedagogy of equity in creative writing. She is the Program Director for Austin Bat Cave and is the co-director of Barrio Writers in Austin and Pflugerville, a free college level youth writers workshop founded by author and activist Sarah Rafael Garcia in Santa Ana, CA. Her creative work appears in PANK, Chicon Street Poets, Lumina and many others. Her fiction explores the intersections of Latinx identity with the folklore, traditional stories and the supernatural or speculative. Her mixed genre collection of poetry and prose, Las Criaturas, is out now from FlowerSong Press. Leticia loves living in Austin with her husband and two dogs who are terrible work distractions. Despite all, she is fueled by sushi and breaks to watch pug videos on Instagram.

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